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I can’t remember where I heard it, but someone once said that we’re all connected and the way we treat others is essentially an extension of how we treat ourselves. Therefore, we should always proceed with kindness. And it’s true.

Kindness is something that costs nothing to give others, and will only ever bring good things to us. In one very touching TikTok video, a group of girlfriends showed that being nice to a stranger can have a deeper impact than we realize.

Photo: TikTok/@angelafvlynch

The incident happened in New York City when a group of friends was out to dinner at a restaurant. There, the friends noticed a woman at a table all by herself. But not just was she alone, she was also upset.

She was crying at the table all by herself. The friends ended up slipping the woman a note in an envelope titled “dinner neighbor.”

Photo: TikTok/@angelafvlynch

The woman, Angela Lynch, then opened up the note to read what it said, and she was deeply touched. Angela had shared in her TikTok video that she had been having a bad day when she began to cry alone while at dinner, and that’s when she got the note from the friends at the table beside her, which read, “Bought your dinner. Sorry for your troubles. Wishing you the best and no stress. xoxo”

It was such a sweet gesture that Angela posted it to TikTok and wrote in her caption, “a little kindness goes a long way.”

Photo: TikTok/@angelafvlynch

Even sweeter was the fact that the girls included some candy and a glass of wine with the note that they passed to Angela. What a beautiful way to pay it forward.

Watch the video down below:


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What do you think of this TikTok video? Have you ever done something nice for a stranger? Let us know!