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Going out to eat looks different for each and every one of us. What sounds like a great dining experience for one person might not hold up for another.

I like to think that I’m not picky, that I can easily slip into any restaurant and confidently enjoy my way through whatever meal is in front of me.

Photo: TikTok/@zozoroe

But not all restaurants are created equal. Some, are more about the dining experience as a whole – that means that food isn’t the only focus. It’s more about creating an ambiance in which each part of the meal factors in and plays a role in the diner’s overall encounter.

It just so happens, that at one restaurant, things took a hilarious turn for one of the patrons. During dinner at a fancy restaurant, one girl decided to film her family’s experience after she took her parents out for dinner.

Photo: TikTok/@zozoroe
Photo: TikTok/@zozoroe

Comedy gold ensued when the server brought the table a small bowl of hand wipes. The server set the bowl down, then poured some warm water over them. The wipes were all tightly rolled up, looking like little white marshmallows.

They obviously were for wiping your hands, however, poor dad didn’t get the memo. He assumed they were for eating!

Photo: TikTok/@zozoroe

In the absolutely hilarious footage, he picks up his wipe and proceeds to nearly stick it in his mouth before he’s told, “that’s a wipe.” The entire exchange is caught on camera, and we cannot stop laughing!

Watch the hilarious video down below:


We’re not used to this😂 Papa Roe thought he was getting some fancy complimentary marshmallows😂😂😂

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What do you think of this TikTok? Have you ever been in a similar situation before? Let us know!

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