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Ask anyone, Girl Scouts cookies are some of the best cookies around. Given that they have so many different flavors and types, there is bound to be one that meets your tastes.

The peanut butter ones are my personal favorite. But now, the Girl Scouts are coming out with a new cookie, and honestly, from the sounds of it, it’ll probably become everyone’s new favorite.

Photo: flickr/brian

The Girl Scouts have really outdone themselves with the latest addition to their cookie collection. It features a brownie-inspired cookie that has a caramel-flavored cream center, plus a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a pinch of sea salt on top.

This fun new creation will be called the Adventurefuls cookie. Sounds amazing, right?

Besides sounding like the best snack ever, it also is a way of doing some good for your community. When you buy Girl Scouts cookies, you’re also helping young girls to raise money that will help their organization give them valuable life experiences and adventures.

The Girls Scouts organization was founded to encourage girls to be leaders and to develop a strong sense of confidence in themselves. It shared in the past that they are all about getting young girls to “unleash the G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) inside them.”

Photo: flickr/mark6mauno

The organization has also shared that it is a place where they can explore their potential and leadership abilities, saying, “Girl Scouts is a place where she’ll practice different skills, explore her potential, take on leadership positions—and even feel allowed to fail, dust herself off, get up, and try again.” All that is possible when people buy Girl Scouts cookies.

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If you are wanting to get the latest cookie, you can sign up on the Girl Scouts website in order to be notified of when the Adventurefuls, or other cookies, are available near you. The Girl Scouts cookie season is typically January until April.

Besides the new cookies, you can always count on other favorites like Thin Mints, Samoas, and Caramel deLites. The latest cookie, the Adventurefuls, will be available for purchase come this January 2022.

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