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Parents around the world tell stories about potty training.

It is something that children learn to hate as they get old enough to realize the joke is on them.

Photo: TikTok/@djhannahb

Typically, potty training stories revolve around success or failure, but it was a different story for one little girl named Autumn.

Fortunately for us, her mother regularly posts videos on TikTok, so the world got to laugh along.

Photo: TikTok/@djhannahb

Hannah, Autumn’s mother, posted the video, and some 7 million people watched it. It’s a rather unusual video, and it only takes a moment to see that the potty training mishap was of epic proportions.

The video was captioned: “POTTY TRAINING GONE WRONG” and I would say that is an underestimation. After all, the little girl has a toilet seat around her neck, and her head is stuck.

Photo: TikTok/@djhannahb

Autumn was a little anxious as the plastic seat was not moving very easily. It was only a short time before Hannah had to reach out to the fire department to get some assistance.

Of course, she’s trying her best to calm her daughter down, but Autumn is inconsolable. She continued to try, but the seat was stuck fast. She doesn’t even know how she got it on in the first place!


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Once the firemen arrived, it wasn’t long before they had the toilet seat removed. Autumn gave them a big hug because they saved her from inevitable disaster.

Of course, many people on social media were laughing along with this unusual situation. One commenter wanted the video to stay up so Autumn could enjoy it on her 18th birthday!