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We apologize in advance for sharing a video that is very likely to move many of our readers to tears. However, it is too good not to pass along and we are sure that you will feel the same way once you have had the chance to watch it.

Austyn Woolverton is only five years old and has already been through a very daunting life experience. She lost her dad when she was only a year old.

Photo: TikTok/@@kdub1220

It’s the sort of thing that we would never wish on anyone, let alone a little girl. Austyn has been trying her best to make the most of it and this includes spending lots of time with her grandfather. As you can imagine, they have developed a very close relationship in the wake of her father’s passing.

Kelsey Woolverton, her mother, says that Grandpa has become her daughter’s best friend. It’s a connection that is sure to touch your heart. When their local gym decided to have a daddy/daughter dance, you know what ended up happening next.

Photo: TikTok/@@kdub1220

The way that Austyn asked his grandfather to go with her is the most adorable thing ever. She drew a picture of the two of them together!

“But we need our dad to go there,” Austyn says to her grandfather in this touching video. “Will you go with me?”


I’m not crying….

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On February 8, they attended the dance together and we loved watching the videos from the big night. Of course, Mom was sure to do Austyn’s makeup. You can tell that this night meant the world to her.

Mom posted a video of her getting ready and was sure to share photos and clips from the event itself.

Photo: TikTok/@kdub1220

“They had a great time,” she says. We are glad to see that she and Grandpa get along so well. Every child deserves to have a father figure in their life, regardless. It is nice to see that Austyn has such a caring one.

It was a hard video to watch, for sure, but well worth it. We cannot imagine what it is like to lose a parent so young but this family is doing all that they can to make the most of it.


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How sweet are they?