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If I could go back in time to my younger self, I would tell myself to enjoy those preschool and kindergarten naps because they won’t last forever. As adults, we could all benefit from more nap times, unfortunately, life and our busy schedules do not always allow for such indulgences. However, there is a dream job out there that is willing to pay a lucky five people to spend their time napping.

You read that correctly. Eachnight is looking to pay five different people $1500 each just to take naps. And if you are like me, you’re already looking for the application link so click here. Of course, there are a few more details that you should be aware about.


The people will be known as “Nap Reviewers,” but there is a little more than just crawling into bed and pulling up the covers.

For a start, you will be required to be able to nap without disturbance for 30 days. Being good at both writing and following instructions is also a requirement of the job, as the napping will come with specific instructions.

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For example, “The individuals will be required to take part in a video call before and after each experiment, to ensure they understand their tasks fully, and to complete a verbal questionnaire detailing their experiences and results.”

The job is open to anyone in any country, however, the lucky applicants will be required to have a strong understanding and ability to communicate in English.

If you’re wondering why a company is looking to pay people for naps, Eachnight released a statement explaining, “we wanted to test a few theories behind the pros and cons of napping to provide our community with some valuable insight. We know that in general different length naps have different benefits, but we are keen to put this to the test.”

Photo: Unsplash

If chosen, the applicants will be testing certain nap lengths as well as performing several nap-related experiments. In order to apply, you need to explain to Eachnight why you are the right Nap Reviewer, as well as give them any relevant nap or sleep experience that you may have as well as writing experience.

What do you think of the Nap Reviewer job? Will this be something you want to apply for? Let us know!

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