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We don’t see many good optical illusions but when they come our way, we love sharing them. After all, the Internet tends to go crazy over optical illusions, especially when they are difficult to figure out.

Some optical illusions are designed for that specific purpose and others just seem to fall into place. There are even some people who feel that optical illusions are a matter of too much information getting to the brain and it can’t quite sort it all out.

Photo: TikTok/@vol_football

Regardless of what type of optical illusion you appreciate, you are sure to love one that was posted on TikTok by the University of Tennessee Volunteers Football account. Not only is it difficult to figure out, but it is also ultimately debatable.

The caption of the video is: “Is lemon-lime Gatorade yellow or green?”

Photo: TikTok/@vol_football

One of the players kicks things off by saying there has been a lot of talk going around about the color of lemon-lime Gatorade. He says: “And honestly, man, I’m not here to sugarcoat things – if you think this is yellow, I need you to re-evaluate your eyesight.”

The players then go back and forth on whether it is yellow or green, and they really are split down the middle.

Photo: TikTok/@vol_football

Some people feel that it is yellow, others people feel it is green and they even hold a grape up against it to prove their point.

When people started commenting on the video, they also had a difficult time figuring out what color the Gatorade was. Some people even said that this had them reevaluating their eyes.


What do ya’ll think? 🟡 or 🟢🤔 #gbo

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I guess the debate will continue to roll on!

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