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Believe it or not, you probably have all the ingredients on hand for this amazing, all-natural, at-home remedy for all kinds of illnesses! By incorporating this garlic syrup into your diet, you can also prevent all sorts of unwanted health issues from coughs, congestion, leg cramps, and even kidney stones. These three ingredients are powerful all on their own, but when combined they are an incredibly effective boost to your immune system! Read on to see how each of these ingredients benefits your health, and get a recipe for the amazing garlic syrup!


Garlic has long been used to treat a number of health issues like reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and improving circulation. Garlic is also a powerful antibiotic because of its allicin content. Garlic’s antiviral properties make it a great boost to the immune system as well. Rich in vitamins C and B6, garlic is a low calorie, high nutrient food. Because of garlic’s high antioxidant content, some researchers believe it can help protect against cell damage and aging, which can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, garlic has antiseptic properties that can help to combat all sorts of unwanted fungi and bacteria, which keep you safe from nasty infections like colds and the flu.