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McDonald’s fries are pretty good. There is just something about their fries that makes you want to come back for more, but most of us probably don’t go back for seconds.

Most of us probably don’t because we figure it will involve making a whole new order and who’s got time for that? Well, it turns out that one of McDonald’s best-kept secrets is its refills.

Photo: flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

That is correct, McDonalds will give our free refills on their fries – all you have to do is ask them for the refill!

According to a video, which was posted on TikTok by Orlando Johnson under the username, itsosoprodigy, the company will refill your carton of fries for free so long as you ask.

Photo: flickr/Danny Choo

After the video was posted, there were many people who commented that they’d experienced similar encounters.

However, it is still debatable whether or not the practice is an official company policy. There were some people in the comments who said it was standard policy company-wide, while others emphasized that it’s all dependent on workers’ discretion.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Many McDonald’s restaurants will often make more fries than they can serve in a day, so there will be some workers who are happy to give refills in order to ensure they don’t go to waste, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

The free refill attempt is worth trying at other chains across the US, such as Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers and Wendy’s, since Orlando Johnson tried the same thing at both chains.

So, have you ever gotten a free fries refill at a McDonald’s? What was your experience? Let us know!

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