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Climate change in recent years has meant that we’re seeing major changes to our weather patterns, including more extreme weather.

In southeastern Indiana, part of the state has seen some recent flooding. The floods have caused damage throughout the area.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Luckily, when one bridge was destroyed by the recent floods, one Indiana football team stepped in to help tear down and replace the damaged bridge.

The kind act started after one freshman who plays on the Switzerland County Pacers football team expressed to his coach, Ryan Jesop, that his grandparents were unable to leave their house because a bridge that connects their home to the nearby road had been wiped out by the rapidly moving flood waters.

Jesop felt bad for the player’s family situation, so he sent a message to the team asking if there were any volunteers willing to replace the old broken bridge with a new one. And the team stepped up! Within three hours, the team had both torn down the old bridge and replaced it with a new one!

Jesop shared their progress on Facebook, writing in his post, “Awesome to see how everyone worked together and volunteered their time and expertise to knock this out.”

Photo: Facebook/SC Pacers Football

He also added, “The amount of time and energy we put in today is nothing compared to the first responders and fire department.”

Jesop was proud of the team, as well as other volunteers who have been helping throughout the flooding. The community really banded together to help in whatever ways they could, and that is always nice to see people showing up to help one another – it’s the kind thing to do.

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