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Whether you are planning a wedding or a dinner party with friends and loved ones, there is just something about a proper flower arrangement that will allow your setup to stand apart.

Flower arrangements are great, but when we allow the professionals to handle them for us? They can have a huge impact on our wallets. Most of them happen to be quite expensive and that’s why people will often look to DIY tutorials during moments like these.

Flower arrangement
Photo: Unsplash/Alison Cosker

Many people will avoid these types of projects because they believe they are beyond their capabilities. However, arranging flowers nicely in a vase doesn’t have to be hard.

TikTok user @ggthegardengirl is here to show us that this is not that hard. The flower arrangement that she is showcasing is easily handled and you do not need to be a green thumb to handle it. The hack is as simple as it is clever. We cannot believe that we were unable to think of this one on our own.

Floral tape
Photo: flickr/ggthegardengirl

One of the biggest issues that we have when we place flowers inside of a vase is a very easy one to understand. The flowers often ending up falling over in a very strange and non aesthetically pleasing way once they have placed inside. All you need is a few pieces of tape and everything will look great.

How did we not think of this? It makes so much sense and we are already kicking ourselves over it. Once you learn how to position this tape, you will be able to slide the flowers through each of the gaps. There is no need to worry about the flowers flopping about once you have used this hack and that’s the best part of all.

Flower vase
Photo: flickr/ggthegardengirl

If you would like to see how these flowers can be arranged more to your liking, please take a moment to check out the video.

These are the sorts of problems that we love being able to solve. It’s not like we want our flowers to end up looking messy! Thanks to this video, it is an issue that we are no longer going to have to deal with.


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