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Tommy Cimato is an Arizona flight attendant who is here to let us know more about the things that we should not be doing on an airplane.

The list of do’s and don’ts that he is providing is a must-see, especially if you are someone who is traveling on a regular basis. For starters, he is here to warn people about the dangers of walking around barefoot in the cabin.

Photo: TikTok/@tommycimato

It is sad that even had to be said but this is the world that we are living in. While most passengers are not dumb enough to expose themselves to this type of bacteria, there are others who may not be aware of the dangers of using the bathroom.

In a now-viral video, Tommy is also warning people: Do not ever touch the toilet flush button with your bare hands.

Photo: flickr/Karl Baron

“It’s honestly just super unsanitary and it’s pretty gross. When you flush, use a napkin or a tissue that’s in the lavatory,” he shares.

If you are someone who likes to rest their head on the window, that is also something that you should not be doing, Tommy says. “You’re not the only one who has done that and you don’t know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the window.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Meanwhile, he also has crucial advice to provide when it comes to your airplane attire. He says that you should not be wearing shorts on the plane for any reason. This is a bummer for us, as he is coming for us directly on this one. Let’s take a moment to hear him out, though.

“It’s the same thing as the window, you never know how clean it is going to be. So, if you have pants you’re going to have less germs.” Additionally, he wants everyone to know about the importance of remaining hydrated on their flights. “Stay hydrated. You want to have about 16 ounces for every flight that you go on,” he says.

If you want to learn more about these tips, please be sure to watch Tommy’s clip in full:


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He’s got a lot to share and he just might change the way that you fly forever.

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