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In my family, there’s a running joke that there’s a frustrated musician in all of us. My dad always wanted to learn how to play the drums but never did.

My grandpa could’ve been a guitarist in another life. My great grandfather did own a guitar but never learned to play and in his retirement, he just strummed the same three strings over and over again while watching the sunset.

Photo: Twitter/@goodnewscorres1

Then my mom and me both wished we could’ve learned the piano but never got the chance. Needless to say, I’m always fascinated by people who can play a musical instrument. It’s such an incredible skill to have, and it’s even more impressive the younger the musician happens to be.

That is why it’s absolutely mind-blowing to watch the video of a five-year-old Italian pianist performing. Not only is he more than holding his own during a music competition, but he’s also performing Mozart!

Photo: Twitter/@goodnewscorres1

Now, I don’t know anything about Mozart on piano other than it sounds complicated to play. Just watching the video of the young boy as his fingers fly across the keys in a flurry of sound, I’m going to guess that yeah, it is pretty complicated to play.

This is why the fact that he’s only five years old and clearly already mastering the piano makes this all the more extraordinary.

Photo: Twitter/@goodnewscorres1

The young pianist, Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani, only started learning piano two years ago in 2020. So, that would’ve made him three years old at the time. Wow!

Check out his playing in the video below:

Clearly, he’s got a very bright career as a piano player ahead of him!

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