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We love to find out more about movie magic and we will never get tired of hearing about stories like these. There are all sorts of tricks of the trade that we are not privy to and we will not rest until we have heard about each and every one of them.

Okay, we are being a bit dramatic but what do you want from us? We are movie lovers, after all.

Photo: YouTube/Paul E.T.

Thanks to filmmaker Paul E.T., we are now being given the chance to be taken behind the curtain once again.

In this two part clip, he takes the time to explain one very particular aspect of the cinematic process. As it turns out, filmmakers have the ability to use and manipulate mirrored reflections. Best of all, they are able to do without ever revealing the cameras that are responsible for filming the scene in question.

Photo: YouTube/Paul E.T.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? To explain the technique, Paul decides to show us how it was used in a number of classic films that we know and love. We are taken into the creative process for films like Inception, Black Swan, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Triangle. Fans of these films are sure to enjoy all of the inside info that Paul has to offer them.

We had no idea that filmmakers were able to make cameras vanish in such a way. It’s the type of video that you could watch more than once and still not have any idea how they are able to pull this trick off. That’s for the best, though. You have to remain in touch with your inner child and movies are one of the easiest ways to do just that.

Photo: YouTube/Paul E.T.

It is so much fun to let a movie whisk you away from reality for awhile. We spend so much time thinking and stressing about all of our responsibilities.

Sometimes, it is nice to simply turn your brain off and enjoy everything that Hollywood has to offer us.