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As we grow, we all come to be known for having our distinct interests and hobbies.

For Barbara Longova, she was known for being a bookworm. Everyone that loved her remembers how she really got into reading after moving into her home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She’d often be seen on her porch reading a book while enjoying a glass of wine.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

Her grandkids, who would call her “Oma,” recall that she also enjoyed gifting books to others. In fact, her grandkids shared that each year, she’d take them to her favorite bookstore, Browseabout Books, for a wander around the store.

According to TODAY, Barbara’s daughter, Nicole White, shared, “The kids could buy the books they wanted and then they would be wrapped and under the tree on Christmas morning.”

However, back in November 2015, Barbara passed away unexpectedly. Her family was left shocked and saddened. At the time, it seemed like the Christmas family tradition would end. However, her family wasn’t ready to let that go. So, they came up with a beautiful way to honor her memory, while also still enjoying the book store. And that is how they came up with the hidden surprises in books.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

Nicole, her husband, and their two kids, Gavin and Lucy, all came up with the idea to tape notes onto $5 bills, then hide them inside books. The tradition was born back in 2015, and now, they go to their local Barnes & Noble bookstore and carry it out.

As Lucy shared with TODAY, “I first look at the Stephen King books because those were [Oma’s] favorite. After Stephen King books, I look for books I think she might have enjoyed or books about things that I knew interested her.”

While it might seem like a small gesture, it definitely brings joy to others.

What a wonderful tradition this family has created in order to help spread their grandma’s love of reading.