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Brooklyn Heights is one of the most sought-after New York neighborhoods, from a living standpoint. It’s the sort of place where all of the apartment complexes have a long waiting list. That is, except for 58 Joralemon Street.

While the rest of this block is filled with tenants, this one apartment consistently stays vacant, according to Unseen New York.

Photo: Instagram/unseennewyork

The beautiful red row house with black shutters was built in 1847. It even has a stoop! How could this property possibly remain empty at this point? In fact, no one has lived here for over 100 years now.

The last tenant resided there back in 1907 when the home was purchase from a private resident by Interborough Rapid Transit Company. Apparently, they decided to leave the home vacant – and turn it into a facade instead.

Photo: Instagram/unseennewyork

Instead of a residence like it appears to be, it now serves as an emergency exit from the Joralemon Street Tunnel and also provides a subway vent.

The tunnel is responsible for carrying the heavily traveled 2, 3, 4, and 5 trains from Manhattan.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Brooklyn may seem as if it is packed with transplants but things are not always as easy to categorize as you may think. Life is full of all sorts of mysteries and there is no denying that and New York City may be home to many of them.


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While this may seem like an isolated case of a fake home, there are actually “homes” like this located in Paris and London. The more you know!

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