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A fairy castle cactus sounds like something that is totally made up, but in reality, it’s a popular trend that has gained sizable traction recently.

We have definitely noticed a major uptick when it comes to these plants on social media, that is for sure. Our feeds have been full of them, which has only increased the number of questions that we have to ask about the matter.

Fairy Castle Cactus
Photo: flickr/Forest and Kim Starr

They are so adorable, we can barely wrap our minds around it. While there are some who may know the plants by their real name (acanthocereus tetragonus), we are going to stick with fairy castle cactus, thank you very much. That’s because they happen to look just like the turrets on a castle. People love them and rightfully so.

As one Instagrammer shared, “These cactuses are scientifically known as
Acanthocereus tetragonus, but with a trade name as colourful and inspired as ‘fairy castle cactus’; who cares, really?”


Another shared, “I popped into @homedepot yesterday and they had shelves of one of my top wishlist plants!
Welcome home #fairycastlecactus”

Meanwhile, there are still some who were not so lucky. People have been looking high and low to get a fairy castle cactus!

Cactus houseplants
Photo: flickr/SurFeRGiRL30

These plants have earned their name because they look exactly like something out of a fairy tale. In fact, we would have thought that they were made up if we had not had the chance to see them for ourselves. They are native to North, South, and Central America and are able to sprout as high as six feet tall.

They thrive just fine in warmer weather and they need lots and lots of sunlight. On the plus side, they do not need very much water. If you’re waiting for one to bloom, sit tight. They require at least 10 years first.

Fairy Castle Cactus Plant
Photo: Pixabay/Lille/France

In the meantime, you can catch us on the hunt for one of these bad boys. We cannot wait to find one for our own home.

Check out some of the Instagram photos below under #fairycastlecactus:






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