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It’s always interesting when there is a mystery to be solved. It seems as if there is a good mystery that deserves some attention in Brisbane.

Residents of the Australian city, along with many tourists, have been sharing videos of “fairy doors.” It has become somewhat of a game to find as many as possible, but many people are wondering why they are there.

Photo: Pixabay/Monika Häfliger

The first of those mysterious miniature doorways showed up in 2017, according to ABC News. It is only a few inches high and it was on Burnett Lane.

Since the first sighting, those “weird and wonderful” miniature doors have been showing up all around the city. People absolutely love finding them.

Although it is a mystery to some, there is actually not much of a mystery behind it. An artist named Mace Robertson is the person behind these little doors and he has created so many he can’t even remember the number at this point.

Photo: TikTok/@adrianwidjy

According to the Brisbane Times, the fairy doors came as an inspiration to Robertson after he heard about the global phenomena. The fairy doors are meant to be a “magical portal” so fairies can travel from our world to theirs.

He knew that Brisbane needed more art and after seeing them pop up in other cities around the world, he got the idea to do it as well.

The first creation was a red door with a window archway. It had the number 45a. The designs have changed over the years, as has the popularity, and these days, finding them is quite a pastime.

Photo: TikTok/@adrianwidjy

Locals and visitors will post pictures of the fairy doors on social media when they find them. Often, it’s in an effort to learn more.

Even a popular food blogger got in on the act. Adrian Widjy spoke about the doors and their details, posting videos and information to his 250,000+ followers.

He spoke about it as being a fun activity and saying there were plenty around Brisbane City.


Bave you heard or seen these #TinyDoors or #FairyDoors around Brisbane? It is such a fun activity hunting them down given that there are plenty around Brisbane City! They have amazing details! #placesinsydney #brisbane #newsteadpark #fishlane #southbrisbane #fortitudevalley #brisbanething #activity #travel #tinydoor #fairydoor #publicart

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If you open the door on some of the creations, there is a QR code that plays a small film about the artist.

Other people have also gone on social media, especially TikTok, to share information about the tiny doors.

I hope to get the Brisbane someday to try to find some of these doors on my own.