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2020 is a weird year all around, but it’s also a weird year for the internet. We’ve probably seen the “Everything is Cake” meme that is making the rounds. As a result, people currently have a cake fixation. But it’s about to get even sweeter for Chrissy Teigen fans as the celebrity just announced that she’s got a new show with Quibi, called Eye Candy. The premise of the show? You guessed it. Teigen will be deducing whether or not objects are what they appear to be, or if they’re actually just cake.

The concept for Eye Candy was inspired by Sokkuri Sweets, a very popular Japanese show. The series is going to be centered around two teams that are comprised of both celebrities and regular people. The teams will then be challenged to guess whether or not the objects put in front of them are edible or not. The team that can’t identify the difference between reality and cake will lose.

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News! Thank heaven for Japanese game shows!! Cannot wait to bring this silly genius to @quibi!! Oh it’s gonna be so fun. If you haven’t seen clips of Sokurri Sweets online, you muuuuust look it up ASAP!

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While the show’s concept aligns very well with the current cake meme obsession, Teigen did confirm that the show was actually already being made before the meme. It just so happens to be a happy coincidence.

Furthermore, Teigen also shared that the show wasn’t going to get in the way of her other show, “Chrissy’s Court,” which is also streaming on Quibi. The second season of the show will be 20 episodes long, and it will see Teigen settling a case in small claims court. There will also be some appearances from her mom, Pepper Thai. If you’re a Chrissy Teigen fan then you’ll definitely be excited for all the Chrissy content that will be appearing on Quibi.

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