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Alejandra Costello is probably a familiar face to a number of the people who are reading this story. If you are trying to figure out where you know her from, allow us to give you a helpful clue. She is the Queen of Clean! Her cleaning and organizational techniques have been featured in a wide range of publications, including Family Circle, Women’s Day, Mashable, Washington Post, Parent, HGTV, CBS, and YouTube.

Costello is a consummate professional. Of course, a professional is only as good as their secrets, and she is actually willing to let us behind the curtain and tell us more about her methods.

As you would have expected, her home is unfathomably clean. We have no idea how she is able to live in a home that is this immaculate. In fact, her home has been named “The Most Organized Home in America.”

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She showcases her home and tips and how to organize your own home in her video below. We were particularly impressed by the approach that she took to the pantry. The Lazy Susan method is a great addition that we are going to be making as soon as possible.

The pull out bins and the labels are also a fantastic touch. The issues that we used to deal with in the pantry are no more. In addition to the awesome tips for organizing your pantry, Alejandra also has great pointers to help you sort out the craft room debacles. We will give you one hint: it all starts by purchasing a pegboard for this room.

In order to learn more about all of her home organization tricks, you’ll need to check out this guide for yourself. Anyone who has more clothes than they know what to do with will love this one!

To find out even more about her methods, take a moment to visit Alejandra’s website.

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