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Aluminum foil is a staple of any functional kitchen. It’s designed to extend the lifespan of your pans and it also allows your foods to cook properly. That said, companies that create the pans have yet to sit down with the aluminum foil makers to decide on standard sizing.

The foil that we use is helpful, but sometimes the width of it is off. What can we do when the foil does not offer the coverage that we need? It’s a common issue and we are here to share a solution, thanks to America’s Test Kitchen.

All you have to do to extend the width of foil is to tear off 2 equally-sized pieces of foil. Lay one piece directly on top of the other. The sheets must be the exact same size if the technique is going to work properly.

Photo: Youtube / America’s Test Kitchen

Next, take the foil’s long end and fold it on itself. Make the crease a strong one, using a pressing, sliding motion for best results. Take your index finger and place it at the top once this step is done.

Then, move it to the other end, in the same motion that you would use to open a book. Place another crease in the middle of the foil if you need to strengthen the middle. An extra piece could be needed for some added width. This tip is also immensely helpful to all of the folks who love to grill.

Check out this video for detailed instructions and a visual!

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