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If there is one thing that we are never, ever going to get tired of, it is creative wedding proposals. Daniel Le’s recent proposal is definitely high up on our list.

When he decided to rent out a movie theater so that he and his girlfriend could take in a private viewing of Everything Everywhere All At Once with their loved ones, she never could have expected what ended up happening next.

Photo: TikTok/@danyo_le

This was already a very sweet thing to do but Daniel took things to a whole new level. He managed to create his own fake trailers and as if this were not enough, he was able to magically insert himself into the movie itself.

That was not all, either. When the movie was over, it transitioned to a scene where Daniel was sitting in his car and talking to the audience directly.

Photo: TikTok/@danyo_le

In addition to the special message from Daniel, the edit ended with a series of messages from friends and family members who were also in attendance on this fateful day. Once the movie was over, Daniel got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. It should not surprise anyone that she said yes immediately. How could you say no to this?

This proposal was so amazing that even Jamie Lee Curtis, herself, felt compelled to comment on it. That’s how you know that Daniel pulled off something absolutely incredible here. She posted the TikTok on her Instagram page and offered her encouragement. “Even better than a flash mob! “she exclaimed and we could not agree more with this assessment.

Photo: TikTok/@danyo_le

You know that a proposal is awesome when a film legend and recent Oscar winner is the one giving you kudos publicly. Daniel has now set a very high bar for himself. He’s going to have a lot to live up to going forward.

If this is what the proposal was like, what about the wedding day? He’ll have to get creative when it comes time to celebrate their anniversaries, that is for sure. You can see the proposal for yourself in the TikTok videos below:


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Replying to @myguyl Some more behind-the-scenes and her reaction! Part 1 here ->@danyo_le #eeaao #proposalvideo #theaterproposal #movie #movietheaterproposal

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Whether you are a fan of this movie or not, you are definitely going to appreciate all of the time and effort that went into this thoughtful proposal. In fact, some of the men out there should be following behind Daniel. It is time for many of our readers to start pulling out a note pad and jotting stuff down.