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If you are one of those people that enjoys the taste of a good empanada, you might want to check yours and see if it is still good. That is due to a recall of some 3,768 pounds of frozen empanadas after they were inspected by the USDA.

The reason? They were mislabeled.

Photo: Pixabay/Lebensmittelfotos

SAS Food Enterprises is based in Illinois and made those Empanadas products without being inspected by the federal government. They also had a false USDA mark of inspection on the label. These products were made between January 1 and September 11 of 2021.

The problem came to light after an anonymous tip came in. Some of the items included in the recall are 1 pound bags of clear, plastic containers that are marked SAS Food Empanadas de Pollo Chicken Patties and SAS Food Empanadas de Carne Beef Patties.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

You can also check for the establishment number that is within the USDA mark of inspection. If it is marked EST. 38548, it is part of the recall. Interestingly, the products were labeled, even though the company was not established with that mark. In other words, the empanadas were sent out without being inspected.

At this time, there are no cases of sickness associated with the recall. The states that are affected include Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The reason they are recalled is that they did not receive the proper approval but there does not seem to be any type of contamination involved.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

You can get in touch with EST. 38548 Stella Londono, Administration, SAS Food Enterprises Inc. at sasfoodinc@hotmail.com or at (847) 275-1690 if you have any questions.

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