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Thanks to one TikTok hack, we know now a way to fry an egg without flipping it. We were today years old when we learned this but that’s okay.

user3136491744604 is the TikTok user who is sharing the hack with us and we are totally here for it. While most of us have probably mastered the fried egg by now, there is something to be said for the flipping part. That can be tricky for some of us, whether you are experienced or not.

Photo: TikTok/user3136491744604

The hack is easy enough to understand. While the eggs are cooking, water is poured under the eggs and a lid is placed on top of the pan. This allows the top of the egg to be steam-cooked, so the whole thing is fully cooked without any flipping required.

Photo: TikTok/user3136491744604
Photo: TikTok/user3136491744604

While it seems brilliant to us, it’s seemingly controversial. Some people love the hack and call it a “game-changer” and others are appalled someone would do that to a perfectly good egg. Naturally, others were quick to point out that a similar method has been used for centuries called basting eggs.


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