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Laundry is the chore that simply does not end. It goes on and on, my friend. If you would like to free up some time, staying up on your laundry routine is the best way to go. While it’s not a fun chore by any stretch of the imagination, that does not mean that it needs to be painful. Whether you are someone who only has to handle your own laundry or you have a family to look after, this routine is everything.

Clean My Space is here to provide you with the straight talk on this one and we are ever so grateful. No one wants to be stuck inside doing laundry all day, that’s for sure. It’s the task that we dread the most but it’s impossible to procrastinate. Anyone who has ever dawdled too long with their laundry can tell you that.

Before you know it, you’re wearing swim trunks for underwear like Liz Lemon and that’s not a good look for anyone. If you are the sort of person who decides to wait until you have completely run out of clean clothes to get started, Clean My Space understands your pain and is offering tons of helpful tips.

Photo: YouTube / Clean My Space

All it takes is six minutes of your time. That’s it, six measly minutes. This video is perfect because it acknowledges the obvious: we are all different when it comes to our laundry routines. What works for some of us is not going to work for others. That’s what makes this clip such a special one. The pointers are not meant to function in a “one size fits all” manner.

We are not about to spoil all of the tips that this woman has to offer you, though. You are going to have to watch the video for yourself. By the time we got finished, we were smacking ourselves in the forehead. You ever see a tip that is so obvious, you wish you had been the one to think of it first? This clip is sure to provide you with a few of those moments.

So what are you waiting for?