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There are many things that mark the change of seasons from summer to autumn. If we live in a cooler part of the world, we may have the changing of the leaves and the burst of color is one that really signals that we are heading for some colder weather.

There is something else that also defines the change of seasons in many ways, and it comes in the form of chocolate. Even before Labor Day weekend, you will see chocolate lining the shelves of many stores and it is there to prepare people for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Photo: flickr/Scott McLeod

As far as Yahoo! is concerned, it is the retailers that control when people are going to start preparing for October 31.

When you go into a store and start seeing chocolate bars and candy corn on the shelves, you know that the day is coming.

Photo: flickr/Phillip Pessar

Of course, when you step back outside, you may be hit by a wall of heat because the temperature hasn’t yet cooled off. This often causes people to wonder why they are being pulled into the holiday so quickly, and the answer may not surprise you.

As far as the retailers are concerned, Halloween is not just a holiday where children get candy and people dress up in costumes. It’s a season where they have the opportunity to make a lot of money! People want candy, and they have it in abundance.

Photo: Unsplash/Sebbi Strauch

You see, when they start selling candy in the middle of August, they realize that many people who purchase it are not going to keep it on hand until October 31. They wind up eating the chocolate and then they come back for more.

It also helps to build up anticipation for the holiday so that people are more in a buying mood. In other words, rather than only having a single month where they are making money, they can spread it out over two or more months and really rake in some extra dough.