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When most people think about ordering McDonald’s food, they think about grabbing a burger and perhaps some French fries.

Almost certainly, however, there will be a beverage included in the order.

Photo: Pixabay/WikimediaImages

Most people will order a Coke product but there are other options, and perhaps you may order them regularly. You may just stop ordering them, however, after you hear what a former McDonald’s manager has to say about it.

Nicole Weiser is that former McDonald’s employee who now has a TikTok following. Those people are interested in what goes on behind the scenes at their favorite fast-food restaurant, and she’s all too happy to share the secrets that she knows.

She said: “I was a manager at McDonald’s. I worked there for about three years.”

Photo: YouTube/Tik Tok News

Something that always stuck out in her mind during the time that she worked at McDonald’s was the large jugs of tea. There was a 4-gallon red jug used for sweet tea and for the un-sweet tea, there was a green jug.

Sometimes, she was even known to grab a cup of sweet tea and enjoy it but after she learned what went into the drink, she stopped having it immediately.

She said: “For every four gallons of the red jug, the sweet tea, there was a full four-pound bag of sugar emptied into it.”

Photo: flickr/artistmac

If you stop to do the math, that’s 1 pound of sugar for every gallon of tea. After she realized what went into the tea, she stopped drinking it, calling it “nasty.”

After the video was posted, people began commenting about how shocked they were that there was so much sugar in the drink. They also noted the difference between nutrition and calories.

The takeaway is, if you want to avoid all of the sugar, avoid the sweet tea at McDonald’s. The big Mac is bad enough for you!

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