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Doritos are a delicious chip on their own, but they can also be crushed down and made with other recipes, such as serving as a coating for fried chicken, or as a base for extra cheesy nachos.

Either way, Doritos serve many functions.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

But would you ever think that milk and Doritos would make a good combination? Probably not. The sound of it just sounds wrong.

However, there is one woman who had a rather controversial video to share concerning Doritos and their kitchen function.

Photo: TikTok/@syllygirl
Photo: TikTok/@syllygirl

Enter, the TikTok video. Now, TikTok has a lot of great recipe hacks, but there is one that left a lot of people – including Kelz Wright, a TikTok video reactor – scratching their heads as to how this works.

The woman making the video was sharing her recipe for a Doritos-crusted chicken breast. Sounds good right?

Photo: TikTok/@syllygirl

Most people would agree, and those who saw the video could get into it, up until a certain point. In the video, the woman opens a bag of Doritos and proceeds to crack two eggs into it. Then she goes ahead and adds some milk.

Wright, who was watching the video, said, “Milk, Doritos and eggs? Trust the process…”


#duet with @syllygirl this is a for sure trust the process! 😳

♬ original sound – Sylvia Ferreira

Then, after seasoning the chicken strips and dipping them into the bag, and shaking, the woman goes ahead and drops some rather tasty-looking Dorito-coated chicken into oil to cook. At this point, Wright points out, “I might eat it!” And we’d be inclined to agree!

Wright further states, “That looks fire!” when the chicken is finally done and pulled out of the pan. Amazing!

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