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Anyone with a daughter is definitely going to relate to this one. If you have/had a daughter, her room was/is probably chock full of pink stuff at one point in time. It’s one of those inevitabilities of childhood. Parents have gotten better about succumbing to color stigmas but it’s not like we can say that we are out of the woods yet.

When we were children ourselves, dollhouses were among our favorite toys. They offer a never-ending wealth of possibility to any child with an active imagination. We had a wide range of Barbie dream houses and dollhouses when we were little.

But once children have outgrown the dollhouses, they have nowhere to go. If they are not thrown in the trash, they are often handed down to another child who happens to be a bit younger.

We did not realize the number of awesome things that we could do with our dollhouses until Samantha Browning came along. She’s come up with the perfect reinvention for them. As with most decor ideas these days, this one originated on TikTok. All it took was an $8 thrift store dollhouse and a can of spray paint from the dollar store to have her on her way.

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I finally made an Instagram for these things, here’s the original! 🏡 #diy #dollhouse #barbie #crafts #crafting #craft #halloween #halloweendecor #spookyseason #spooky #craftymom #diymom #hauntedhouse #blymanor

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The first dollhouse that she renovated took roughly five hours to complete. This is actually on the lower end of the manhours spectrum. Some of these beauties require up to ten hours of focus. It took Samantha no time at all to get her feet wet. Now, she is creating pieces that grow more and more adventurous with each go-round.

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This is the only tiktok I’m proud of 😹

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Because of popular demand, Samantha created an Instagram page for those who want to follow her dollhouse transformations.

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