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If you love coffee, then you are already aware that there are different types of cups for different types of coffee drinks. If you enjoy the strong taste of espresso, it is served in a short and narrow mug. A cappuccino, on the other hand, is served in a larger, wider mug.

Most people who consider themselves to be coffee aficionados aren’t sure why that is the case. They might not even think that the size and shape of the cup matters. According to some research published in the Journal Food Quality and Preference, the size and shape of the coffee cup could actually play a role in your perception of the taste of your coffee beverage.

Photo: Pixabay/grafmex

Researchers tested the idea by using 309 online participants. They showed images of 8 coffee mugs and asked them to rank the mugs according to bitter, sweet, and aromatic. It was according to their visual perception of how the coffee inside would taste or smell. The participants were from the UK, Colombia, and China. The results were unanimous. They said that coffee served in the narrower cups would be more aromatic and bitter tasting. Any coffee and mugs with a wider diameter would have a sweeter taste.

Business owners, baristas, and restaurateurs can benefit from the findings of this study. They can boost the expectations of their customers and use it to their advantage. “These findings … suggest that coffee should be presented in certain mugs in order to convey a message that is congruent with the customer’s expectations,” they said.

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