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Halloween is not far away now, so that means that it is time to start planning our pumpkin carving expeditions.

However, there are some who are not as into the whole carving process and that is understandable enough. That’s why some families will opt to decorate their pumpkins instead. We can see why this choice is made.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures

Maybe you don’t want to scoop out the innards or perhaps you have little ones who would rather decorate than carve. It does not matter what your rationale may be here. There is a wide range of pumpkin-related decor that you can choose from this year. Parents who are looking to reduce their mess and stress this year are more than welcome to read on.

You may not realize but there is some quality decor that may just be hanging out in your laundry room as we speak. A Tide Pod container is perfect for the creation of your jack-o-lantern.

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

Yes, we are aware of the dangers that these pods pose to children but we are here to let you know that all you need is the container. There is no need to use the actual pods.

That sound you hear is all of the parents who are reading this breathing a massive sigh of relief. Crafty Morning shared the DIY craft on Facebook, and while it would be nice if you had a Cricut for this task, do not worry if you don’t.

Photo: Facebook/Crafty Morning

There are plenty of other ways for you to complete this activity. Construction paper and glue, acrylics and an X-acto knife can all be used. Yes, an adult will need to be present but there should always be some additional “supervision” from the kiddies.

Monica Krieger shared her version of the pumpkin on Facebook, but she used her green tub to make a Frankenstein head instead!

Photo: Facebook/Monica Krieger

What a great way to recycle a old container and turn it into something fun!

Will you be trying one of these this year? Let us know!