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Those who have yet to find any stink bugs in their homes can count themselves lucky. These pests are an absolute menace and we cannot stand to see them under any circumstances. The insects may look like beetles, but they are far more annoying. They make their way indoors during the fall months, using your chimneys, windows and door frames to invade the premises.

Once they are inside, they’ll fly around the light fixtures until they are finally evicted. And the most unpleasant part, of course, is that they received their name because of the scent that they create, a pungent odor that no one wants in their home. The odor is emitted from the bug’s abdomen.

The bugs will multiply and the colonies are only going to increase in size unless they’re dealt with properly. Typically, an exterminator has to be called to deal with these problems and trust us, they aren’t be cheap.

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Thankfully, there’s a do-it-yourself solution that Farm and Dairy has to offer that’s well worth trying before calling the exterminator.

Just take two cups of hot water, a half cup of dish soap, and a cup of distilled vinegar and mix them together in a spray bottle.

If you’d like, you can spray the bugs directly, or you can spray the areas where you believe they are currently hiding.

The best way to prevent future issues is by keeping the bugs out of your home in the first place. As soon as the temperatures start to dwindle, the stink bugs are going to be looking for a nice, warm place to hang out, so be sure to seal the cracks and holes in your doors, windows, and foundations to keep the bugs out of your home this fall.

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