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We are forever in search of awesome ideas to spruce up our nighttime gatherings and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have similar thoughts about weddings. Meanwhile, our patio could definitely use a little bit of tender, loving care. That’s where this incredible hack comes into play. Even if you have a strict budget, these simple pointers are not about to break your bank.

If there’s anything that we love, it’s a cheap DIY project. Thanks to this particular DIY hack, for stellar patio lights, there’s no expensive string lighting to purchase and you do not have to grab any costly lanterns. Do It On a Dime shared their amazing DIY solar lanterns using Dollar Store items. These powerful lanterns add the perfect touch to your home decor.

Photo: YouTube / DoItOnADime

Maybe you are wondering how the solar lanterns will work if it’s nighttime. Well, the lanterns absorb sunlight throughout the day, keeping you from having to sit in the dark come nightfall.

All you need to get started are three items that can be found at any dollar store: solar lanterns, mason jars, and glass beads. The glass beads can be swapped out for colored stones if needed or desired.

To get started, remove the base from the lantern. Follow the instructions for lantern activation. Take the remaining part of the lantern and place it in the rim of the mason jar’s lid.

Photo: YouTube / DoItOnADime

Then, take the jar and fill it with the stones. The lid has to be screwed back on once this step is complete.

Three easy steps and you’re done. These DIY lanterns are sure to light up any space and they are perfect for any occasion that you can think of. All you’re going to spend is $3 for each jar that you use and the aforementioned steps are only going to take up a literal minute of your time.

Photo: YouTube / DoItOnADime


Photo: YouTube / DoItOnADime

Make sure to check out the video for a full tutorial and to see how awesome they truly are!