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Fall is here, and we are pretty psyched. We love breaking out all of the fall-themed decorations the first chance we get. Whether it’s pumpkins or foliage, we love to see it all at the local stores as well. And while you can certainly carve those pumpkins like you do every year, there are other fun ways to use them.

In fact, their versatility is highly underrated. You can carve them, cook them, or make them a key aspect of your fall décor, both inside and out.

If you would like to create a unique centerpiece that is sure to make your home stand out, Jennifer Priest has got you covered with her YouTube tutorial on creating a pumpkin centerpiece. This blogger has an easy outline to use that will make this project very simple. These centerpieces are sure to be a major talking point whenever you have the chance to show them off.

Photo: YouTube / Jennifer Priest

Even if it’s just a Zoom gathering, our homes still have to look their best. We’re sure you can relate. So, all you need is a discerning eye when it comes to the pumpkin that is used and the flowers that are chosen for the bouquets. It sounds simple enough, but there’s an art that comes with knowing the right size pumpkin to choose in these instances.

All you need is some sheet moss, a knife, a spoon, a bowl, a bouquet of flowers, the pumpkin, and a vase that is 2-3 inches shorter than the pumpkin. The vase’s mouth is used to trace the opening for the pumpkin. Then, the traced section is cut out with a knife.

Photo: YouTube / Jennifer Priest

Next, the guts of the pumpkin are scooped out, the stem is trimmed until it’s flat, and the vase is placed inside the pumpkin. Lastly, flowers are added with flower food and water and you are all set.

For the full tutorial on creating these beautiful and fall festive centerpieces, be sure to check out Jennifer’s video. She’ll walk you through all of the finer points. Have fun, y’all!