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The past year has been an interesting one,c especially thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic started, more and more people have been wanting to grow food at home and partake in less grocery store runs.

Many people have different reasons for pursuing gardening now, from wanting to be more self-sustainable to trying to avoid the germs of stores or even to save money!

Photo: Pixabay

One of the tastiest things to grow arguably are strawberries. Store-bought berries don’t even compare to fresh grown berries! Thanks to an easy DIY hack from the Garden Answer YouTube channel, you can make a cheap and easy strawberry planter from an old plastic laundry basket!

Photo: YouTube/Garden Answer

If you don’t have one of these baskets at home, you can pick one up at a local dollar store or try to find one second-hand to be environmentally friendly. You’ll want to get the tall, plastic ones that have all of the holes on the sides. You’ll also need a burlap sack or garbage bag, along with plenty of strawberry plants and soil.

Photo: YouTube/Garden Answers
Photo: YouTube/Garden Answers

To create the planter, add the burlap or plastic liner. Then, fill the basket with soil and use scissors to cut holes in the liner everywhere a hole in the basket is. This is how you will insert the strawberry plant.

Photo: YouTube/Garden Answers

Watch the video below for the full instructions:

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