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Now that winter is finally here, we are anticipating a lot of nights spent inside by a warm fire. Christmas movie marathons definitely hit different when you have a mug of hot cocoa by your side. What cuter way to prepare hot cocoa than with a hot cocoa bomb?

Hot cocoa bombs are decadent chocolate balls, filled with hot cocoa powder and mini marshmallows. When you place them in a cup and pour hot milk or cocoa over the top, they explode into a delicious drink. They’re a big hit with kids, too!

These yummy treats can be made at home, but they usually require a specific silicone mold. However, thanks to Do It On a Dime, we now know how to make these awesome hot cocoa bombs without a mold – and they only cost $1!

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Do It On a Dime created a video demonstration on how to make the bombs. She even offered customization tips and tricks! Just between the two of us, we are going to be adding plenty of sprinkles to our personal recipe.

Check out the recipe:

The end product makes an awesome gift and can also be enjoyed at home, by the family. What do you think? Are you going to try these out for yourself?

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