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Halloween will be here before we know it, thus ringing in the holiday season! We’re all about creative decor that won’t break the bank, especially with so many holidays just around the corner! Today, we have two projects that are cheap but oh so unique and fun!


For this project, you’ll need chicken wire and glow in the dark spray paint. That’s it! It doesn’t get much cheaper than that, folks. You’ll start but cutting our chicken wire and making outlines of different scary/Halloween related things. For example, ghosts, witches, Frankenstein, etc.
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Once you have your shapes all ready to go, spray paint them with the glow in the dark paint. Once they are dry, secure them to the ground. When night falls, sit back and admire your creepy-looking, transluscent ghosts! They really do appear to be apparitions coming to haunt you.

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Floating Candles

This is such a fun and creative idea, straight out of the world of Harry Potter. Remember the first time we see the great dining hall with all of the floating candles? Well, you can create this look right in your own front yard! Grab an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, and cut it down to size. Then, line the rim with hot glue, making sure to drip it down the sides to make it look like melting wax.

Then, paint your “candle” and secure an LED tea light inside by making a little net with fishing wire. Make sure to cut the strings extra long so you can tie them together and use them to hang your candle in a tree outside. Isn’t this such a fun idea?

Get more in-depth instructions by watching the video below!

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