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When summertime rolls around, we cannot wait to head outside and sit around the fire pit. There are few activities that are more fun than grabbing some friends and having a bonfire. Hazy summer evenings fly right by when you’re having this kind of fun. After all, we all love to make s’mores. None of these possibilities seem feasible to most readers, though, because many of us do not have a fire pit at home.

For those that do not have the ability to throw their own bonfire, stories like this one may seem like a cruel taunt. Fortunately, we have the perfect hack to assist those who are looking to make a change.

To get started, you’ll need two plastic bowls (one will need to be a little larger than the other), instant cement, solid gel, coal, sandpaper, a sander, and a grout sponge.

Photo: YouTube / Home Repair Tutor

This project is too easy to make and you may be stunned by how simple it is. The materials are inexpensive as well. You’re not going to have to break your back or your bank account to handle this project. To find out more about each step and what it entails, please be sure to check out the clip in full.

The design is simple, classic, and built for the long haul. We cannot believe that we were able to design a fire pit that looks just like the high end ones that you would find at a Pottery Barn! One trip to Wal-Mart and we had every single item that we needed. Anyone who is wondering how the plastic bowls figure into the equation should definitely take the time to learn more.

We have been sharing this guide with all of our friends and loved ones. Sorry, not sorry, but everyone needs to have a fire pit going forward! When you’re finally ready to take the plunge, check out the video.

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