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When the kitchen is completely clean, it’s a truly remarkable sight. No one likes to have a dirty kitchen, obviously. There’s nothing like seeing those counters and stovetops reverting to pristine condition. Unfortunately, there is one area that is much tougher to clean than the rest and that’s the cabinets. They have a way of holding onto all sorts of dirt, gunk, and oil.

And once this gunk has had the chance to accumulate, there is no telling what will happen next. Many of us operate under the false assumption that these cabinets cannot be remedied. However, we have a way for you to successfully restore them to their proper glory. As soon as you have had the chance to check out this tutorial, you will be able to handle this task with relative ease.

YouTuber One Good Thing by Jillee is providing a solution and greasy cabinets do not have to be a problem any longer. She’ll teach you how to scrub away all of the grease so that your kitchen looks just like the day that you moved in.

Photo: YouTube / One Good Thing by Jillee

But the solution to this problem might seem fairly counterintuitive. Turns out, oil can actually be used to remove the gunk that you are trying to get rid of. It doesn’t make the most sense on paper, but that is the reality of it. Just mix together baking soda and vegetable oil and your cabinets will wipe clean with ease.

Just take the cleaner and make sure that it is rubbed into the cabinets for as long as needed. The amount of gunk that you are going to remove from them is going to blow your mind, that is for sure.

We are stunned by how easy this task is. If you are anything like us, you probably expected a far more difficult process. Any questions about the best ways to get started? If so, take a closer look at this video and allow Jillee to assist you.

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