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This mother is absolutely, positively obsessed with Disney. You might think that you are a big fan but there is no way you can match up to this.

She is now on TikTok, showcasing one of the coolest aspects of her home. She’s got a bathroom that is Frozen-themed and it is absolutely beautiful. Even if you do not consider yourself a huge Disney fan, she deserves major props for this one.

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

Brittany Sims and her 4-year-old daughter both love the movie to pieces and this is their way of showing it. When it came time to decorate the bathroom, she wanted to make sure that everything looked glamorous for her little girl. Instead of going with a cheesy decor motif, Brittany was hoping to create a room that looked as grown-up as possible.

Once you have had the chance to see how nice it looks, you will be blown away. “What people think when I say I have a Frozen themed bathroom,” said Brittany, before showing a series of images that are commonly associated with the hit movie. “What it really looks like,” she said, setting the stage for a follow-up. From there, the tour began.

Photo: TikTok/brittanysims827
Frozen-themed bathroom
Photo: TikTok/brittanysims827

You have to take all of your expectations for how this room will look and throw them out the window. It’s as fancy as it gets! Crystal chandeliers, Arendelle castle prints, glamorous snowflake features, this bathroom has it all. Song lyrics are in white frames all over the walls and we love the adorable Olaf sticker that she found.

There is plenty of color to be found here, too. The hand soap and lotion dispensers are a nice touch, with stained glass designs of Elsa and Ann that truly pop.

Photo: TikTok/brittanysims827

The magic does not stop there, either. She’s even got storage jars, blue hand towels, and adorable character figurines. The bathroom has wowed many and the video has already received nearly two million views.

The comments are overwhelmingly positive, as you would expect. Frozen fans everywhere were aligned on this one. They are jealous of what she has come up with and we can fully understand why. Disney-themed decor does not have to look kiddie or silly. Thanks to Brittany’s awesome video, we are more than sure that families everywhere will find the “inspo” that they need to make their homes look their best going forward.

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