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Everyone is missing out on their annual trips to Disney at the moment but that does not mean that you’re unable to bring the magic to your own home. Whether you are binge-watching your favorite shows on Disney+ or you are whipping up your favorite Disney World recipes, there are ways to find that Disney magic at home. Now that Disney charcuterie boards are here, you’ll have another awesome trend to enjoy during the quarantine era.

While these boards are usually made with fancier meats and cheeses, people are starting to get a bit more creative. It does not matter what you have on hand, the boards can be made with almost anything. Some will even use candy! And all it takes to create an excellent board of your own is a little bit of creativity.

With so many Disney-themed treats to choose from, your options are endless. When you and your loved ones are reminiscing about your last trip to these parks, the boards provide you with a chance to express your love for Disney in a more creative way. We have been enjoying all of the boards that we are seeing on our Instagram feed these days. The Mickey-shaped pancakes are a great touch.

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°○°Today's brunch was brought to you by Mickey Mouse°○° Sunday brunch is one of our favorite meals of the week and its always fun to be a little creative ♥️ or maybe we're bored hahaha!! . . . #mickeywaffles #mickeyshapedwaffles #disneyhungry #disneyfood #disneyeats #disneyfoodies #disneyfoodfun #disneyfoodart #disneytreats #disneyfoodpics #disneyfoods #disney_foodie_ #mickeyshapedfood #mickeyfood #disneysnacks #disneybreakfast #disneywayoflife #disneyathome #mickeybreakfast

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Meanwhile, there are other fans who have taken this opportunity to create their own avocado toast boards. This is just the beginning, though. Disney offers no shortage of opportunities to create a board that is special and unique to you. After all, those who have visited these parks in the past are well aware of the numerous dining options that Disney has to offer. So, turning them into charcuterie boards has never been simpler.

To be honest, we are already dreaming about our very own dessert board. There is something about a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich that just hits different. Others may decide to create their own smorgasbord of all their park favorites. Your normal, everyday snacks can be spruced up with all sorts of Disney paraphernalia.

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“Feeding time at the zoo”….. Oh I mean breakfast time…. Spencer woke up at 5.45 am this morning 😬So I made him breakfast, popped on @disneyplusau and went back to bed. Of course it cost me another @disney @mickeymouse themed breakfast for that luxury 😂#hausofdisney #disney #disneydays #waltdisney #mickeymouse #mickey #disneyaunz #zakaustralia #mickeyshapedfood #diningwithdisney #disneyeats

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There’s no right or wrong way to go about this task, either. Be sure to share this awesome idea with all of the Disney lovers in your life. They are a wonderful way to pass the time while we are all stuck inside. Give it a try and find out for yourself!

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