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Having a dishwasher is about as awesome as it gets. There is something to be said for being able to clean all of your dishes with the push of a button after a big meal.

Unfortunately, using a dishwasher often means waiting an hour or so while the dishes wash and dry, only to discover that water has pooled on the tops of the cups and bowls. At that point, you can choose to spend more time drying each dish or put them away slightly wet.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to a TikTok hack, we now know there’s actually another way. By using the hack, you can get dishes to come out of the dishwasher both washed AND dryed.

Photo: flickr/Nenad Stojkovic

TikTok user @jasminegazelle shared the hack and it’s as simple as it is brilliant. All she does is place a hand towel inside the dishwasher and it results in the dishes being dry once the cycle ends.

Photo: TikTok/jasminegazelle

The towel works to absorb the excess moisture that typically collects on the dishes, resulting in glasses, bowls, and plates that are bone dry.

Check out the hack for yourself in the video below:


I literally do this every time now. #lifehack

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