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The Unilever company is known for its array of different products, such as the Degree Deodorant. The personal care product is already used by lots of people on a daily basis, and it comes in various types to suit personal preferences.

There’s a stick or spray option, but not everyone can operate these functions if they have upper limb disabilities or visual impairments. But all that is about to change.

Photo: Twitter/Degree

Degree Deodorant has made the announcement that it will be releasing the world’s first “adaptive deodorant” which is specifically made for those people who have either visual impairment and upper limb motor disabilities.

As Degree shared on its website, “One in four Americans has a disability, yet products and experiences are still not designed with this community in mind.”

They announced their new, inclusive deodorant with the following Twitter post:

Photo: Twitter/Degree

But perhaps the coolest thing about this announcement is that the designers from Wunderman Thompson who came up with the new deodorant included a team of people living with disabilities, as well as occupational therapists, engineers, and other consultants from across the globe. Their collaborations ended up coming up with a deodorant that is much easier to handle and makes the application process much easier for those living with limited mobility or visual impairment.

Changes include a hooked handle for one-handed use, magnetic closures to make the cap removal and replacement much easier, enhanced grip placement, a braille label, and a larger roll-on applicator. Wunderman Thompson even shared a photo of the new design in use on its Instagram account.

Photo: <a href="https://www.instagram.com/p/COJFWIqrENJ/"Instagram/wunthompson"

Christina Mallon, a Degree deodorant partner and head of inclusive design at Wunderman Thompson, explained to Good Morning America, “As a disabled person, I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges of living in a world of conventional design, where most products and services are not designed with the disabled community in mind. Being unable to access a basic utility like deodorant — something most people take for granted — has a huge impact on your ability to move, and therefore your quality of life in general.”

Degree further released a promotional video on the deodorant showing it in use on Twitter. Watch the video below:

According to Refinery 29, the executive vice president of global marketing and chief diversity and inclusion officer at Unilever, Aline Santos Farhat, stated, “Degree Inclusive challenges what a deodorant product should be. It’s a breakthrough, accessible design that genuinely serves the needs of people with disabilities.”

While this is great news, there is still no set date for a commercial launch. Degree is still at the beta test phase with its product as they gain feedback from real people living with disabilities.

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