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It is said that cooking is an art while baking is a science. And to some degree, I quite agree with that. In cooking, you don’t really have to get the measurements right, you just need to make it taste good and maybe plate it in a way that looks appetizing. But the appearance doesn’t really matter so long as the flavor is there. B

making, however, I’d say it is both an art and a science. Not only do you need to get the ingredient measurements right so that it turns out okay, but most baked goods are expected to come out looking like effort was put into their appearance.

Photo: Unsplash/Joanna Rae Lopez

There are many amazing bakers out there who are able to create visual masterpieces using cake. Birthday cakes, for example, are often blank canvases for bakers to get very creative when creating something inspired by a popular TV, book, or movie character.

Star Wars is one of the franchises that often gets made into an edible cake arrangement. The internet is full of amazing-looking Death Stars, Millennium Falcons, and other Star Wars-inspired cakes. But one Redditor, Evie Rees, went for something completely different. Rather than create an entire Death Star, she just put all her focus on recreating the Death Star’s meridian trench.

Photo: flickr/Ron W

For those who’ve seen Star Wars: A New Hope, you’ll remember the scene where Luke Skywalker flies through the trench in order to launch a rocket at the Death Star’s exhaust port, essentially blowing it up. Well, that scene was the basis of inspiration for the LEGO Death Star Trench Run Diorama. And it was this LEGO set that inspired Rees to make her cake.

Her cake is visually a stunning masterpiece. But it’s also quite delicious too,

Spent 2 days on this but I think it was worth it! Left side is Victoria sponge, right side is carrot cake! from Baking

One hand is a carrot cake and the other is Victoria sponge. As for the construction of it all, it took Rees about two days to assemble together. But she’s not looking to do this professionally, she just enjoys it, having picked up the habit from her family.

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