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Every home has a drawer that is filled with stuff that we believe we will actually use one day. In most homes, this is known as the “junk drawer” but others may have their own name for it.

All sorts of odds and ends are found in these drawers, that is for sure. Paper clips and spare pens are often found in these drawers in most homes, too. We say all of that to say this: We know that these drawers are also clogged up with lots and lots of batteries.

Photo: Max Pixel

For whatever reason, we often find ourselves unable to throw away batteries. That’s all well and good but what happens when you are in search of a functional battery? No one wants to be left searching in these instances, that is for sure.

If you would like to know if the batteries in your junk drawer are functional or not, there is an easy way to go about that. Anyone who is near a hard, flat surface can test this out.

Photo: YouTube/bajarider1000

All you have to do is drop the battery onto the surface. Don’t drop the battery from a high distance, though. Once you are close to your surface, drop it a short distance and this is going to tell you everything that you need to know.

Is the battery still good? If so, it is not going to bounce. It lands with a thump and typically remains upright.

Photo: YouTube/bajarider1000

Bad batteries bounce several times when they have been dropped from the same distance. The hack works when it comes to alkaline batteries.

Watch the tutorial below to learn more:

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