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After Architectural Digest released a tour of Dakota Johnson’s home, people instantly fell in love. The Intenrt was especially fond of her beautiful green kitchen.

Photo: YouTube / Architectural Digest

During the kitchen part of the tour, she commented on the large pile of limes she had sitting out. She said, “I love limes. I love them. They’re great. I love them so much and I love to present them like this in my house.”

However, she’s now revealing that her love of limes is all a shame.

Photo: YouTube / Architectural Digest

During a recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she shared that she doesn’t actually love limes. In fact, she’s allergic!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It turns out, the limes in her kitchen were part of a show staging. So a crew had come in and added some decorative touches to her home – including the limes.

“I actually didn’t even know that they were in there,” said Johnson. “It was set dressing. I’m actually allergic to limes…mildly allergic. And honeydew melon…Limes make my tongue itch.”

When she saw the limes, she immediately went into actress mode and just rolled with it. We can only guess that the plant she commented on wasn’t hers either.

Photo: YouTube / Architectural Digest

You can watch the confession in her interview below. Jimmy Fallon dives right into commenting on her love for limes – and she quickly confesses the truth.

Of course, several people were shocked to discover the truth. If that was a lie, is anything she says true? Does she even collect China or read books?

Photo: Twitter / EMMA4STONE

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