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Mom decided that she was going to go on a girls’ trip and Dad had to stay behind to hold the fort.

He was able to maintain in the meantime but once you see the preparation that he undertook for her return, your heart is going to melt. He was also sure to include their daughters in the process, which only served to make things even cuter.

Photo: TikTok/@dadsocial

Before you even see the video, the comments let you know that you are about to see something amazing. “These girls will forever remember how they’re supposed to be treated thanks to dad!” one viewer exclaimed. “I love how you included the girls! Amazing role model for your daughters,” said another. This father definitely deserves his kudos for this one.

There are a lot of men who would have sulked and pouted about their wife going on a trip without them. Not this dad, though!

Photo: TikTok/@dadsocial

He wanted to make sure that his wife came home to all of her favorite things and luckily for us, he was willing to share a clip of his exploits. All of the other men out there who are watching this one need to be taking notes.

He is here to show all of you how it is done. We love seeing him with the girls at the grocery store and this family’s attention to detail is awesome to see. They started by grabbing her some flowers, in addition to all of her favorite snacks. The wine was on deck, too! The cheddar and sour cream Ruffles are a great choice, Mom.

Photo: TikTok/@dadsocial

Who doesn’t love to see a man who remembers all of his wife’s favorites? Sometimes, it is really that simple. He even remembers to grab the Sour Patch Kids and makes sure that the house is fully cleaned up before her return. No mother wants to come back from a vacation to find that their house has been trashed, so this is another nice touch.

It is important for the dads out there to serve as a good role model for their little ones and this is a responsibility that this father takes very seriously.