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We’re going to be 100 percent honest with you here, our home appliances can be confusing. This might be because we have yet to take a moment to read the manuals. If we are moving into a new residence and the appliances are already all hooked up, we are going to be using them as they are, no questions asked!

In most instances, it is easy to assume that we already know what we are doing. That’s because the average home appliance tends to be fairly self-explanatory, right? While they may be close to fool-proof, those who do not take the time to read over the user manual are going to miss out on a wide range of benefits.

Photo: TikTok / foreigndisgrace

For starters, most people who reside in a home with a dishwasher don’t realize that they are responsible for cleaning out the filter. Yeah, that’s a real thing.

Beyond that, a typical dishwasher is going to come with a removable caddy for cutlery. It helps us to clean all of our silverware and also ensures that none of it will fall into the bottom of the machine itself. While most of us know the basics of using the caddy, one TikTok user is here to show us a whole new way: the right way.


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She said she was “today years old” when she learned this and honestly, same.

What about you? Did you know of this ‘proper’ way to use the cutlery caddy or have you been using it like the rest of us? Let us know!