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Egg salad sandwiches tend to fall into the same category as pineapple on pizza, crunchy vs. smooth peanut butter, and waffles vs. pancakes. People either love or hate these sandwiches, which actually makes a lot of sense.

Unlike some of the other great food debates of our generation, the range in quality of egg salad is all over the board. For example, Martha Stewart has an egg salad recipe and Emeril has his own variation as well. However, you can also find egg salad sandwiches in dingy gas stations and even vending machines. Egg salad may look easy to make, but we can all probably attest to at least one bad experience or another.

Hopefully after reading this article, I can convince the haters out there to give this classic comfort dish another try! And for those already on board – get ready to up your sandwich game!

Why Curry?


While certainly not the first spice you might think of to add to your egg salad, curry is the perfect fit to bring this dish to the next level. According to, “just one teaspoon of curry powder transforms this dish into a rich, warm, and savory one.”

Curry is commonly used to bring a rich depth of flavor to lots of dishes, not just the Indian food we typically see here in the US. You can use this spice on sauteéd veggies, in soups, slow cooker meals, and even on popcorn.

Other Egg Salad Upgrades:

Not a fan of curry or just want some more ideas for your egg salad? I’ve got you covered. Mashed suggests mixing caper and dill into the egg mixture, or perhaps fresh herbs. For an extra kick, cut up some jalapeños and cilantro and mix it right in. Another variation to try is to replace the traditional chives in the egg salad with an appropriate amount of avocado, chopped red onion, and bacon bits. 

Find out more in the video below!

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