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Influencers are always offering up hacks that may or may not make any sense but that does not make them any less valuable. That’s what makes this story such a fun one.

If you are looking to tame your curls and have your hair looking its best, this influencer is more than happy to help you out. Liz Fox Roseberry, who goes by @foxcraftcustom on TikTok, is here to make life easier.

Photo: TikTok/@foxcraftcustom

Your curls have never looked this good and you won’t be able to believe the method that she uses to get these perfect ringlets. As it turns out, she makes this happen with a simple item that can be found in any kitchen. You can actually get perfect curls by going and grabbing your strainer.

This may not seem like a feasible idea but we are very impressed with the results that Liz is getting. It is hard to argue with them, you know?

Photo: TikTok/@foxcraftcustom

Instead of utilizing the diffuser attachment on a hair dryer that most women normally rely upon, she stumbled into this hack by mistake and has not looked back since. Why would she? The curls that she is showcasing here speak for themselves.

“Just learned that my pasta strainer is better at diffusing my waves than my diffuser,” she wrote in the video. The video may only be five seconds long but lots of people are loving every moment of it.

Photo: TikTok/@foxcraftcustom

Any woman who has ever struggled with her curls in the past is sure to love this one. The video has already received over 22 million views and is clearly striking a chord with lots of women.

After all, who doesn’t dream about having these types of curls? It was not long before other women decided that they were going to try out the hack at their own homes. “OMG I can tell this is gonna be a game changer,” said one viewer. The comments were full of praise for Liz and it is easy to see why.


I can’t tell the difference between genius and crazy anymore lol #wavyhairtips #hairhacks #plopping #hairproblems #diffusecurlyhair #foxcraftcustom

♬ original sound – Taylor Dean


Replying to @maggieod915 #stitch with @foxcraftcustom here’s how to diffuse your hair with a strainer (Turned out even better this time!) #wavyhairtips #hairhacks #plopping #hairproblems #foxcraftcustom #wavyhairtutorial

♬ original sound – Liz Fox Roseberry

It’s such a common problem and common problems deserve the necessary solutions. Meanwhile, there are some who have already been using this hack. “I always refer to drying my curls as cooking my noodles because this is how I do it,” said one viewer.

Where do you stand on this one? Are you going to be trying it out? Be sure to sound off and let us know!

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